Join the CCN Lab

We are open to recruiting a graduate researcher this coming application cycle.
If you’re interested in working in the lab, please send me a brief (~2 paragraph) message describing your research experience and interests. Include a CV and email addresses of up to three references.
You can apply via the Cognitive Sciences graduate program (deadline December 1st, 2023) or the Medical Scientist Training Program. Note: While I cannot serve as a primary advisor for any graduate program other than Cognitive Sciences, I am open to discussing plans for collaboration with faculty in your target department. Please name them in your introduction email.

UCI undergraduates:

UCI students may join the lab at any time, when there are available research projects. Undergraduates are always welcome to attend lab meetings to learn more about our work - reach out for details. Advanced undergraduates may sign up for 199 course credit and/or an Honors project.